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6 interesting places: go skiing
Winter is truly a great time for a real active holiday. If you belong to the number of skiers and snowboarders, then come to the ski resorts of Europe.
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5 of the most beautiful theaters in the world
Theaters are cultural places that not only develop our mind, but also delight with their beauty and grandeur. Today, let's talk about the world famous theaters.
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3 European countries where it's warm in winter
Tired of city cold? Go to Italy, France or Spain - and you will be enveloped by the warmth of the bright sun.
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Question-answer: what is better not to do in different countries
Today we will talk about taboos in different parts of the world.
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Weekend on Lake Synevyr
New Year's holidays are a special time. If you want to forget about problems and plunge into the atmosphere of tranquility and relaxation - go to Lake Synevyr.
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Christmas Lviv: what to see
Here you can make many pleasant discoveries: plunge into local traditions, explore the city, learn unusual rites and legends. Let's talk about where you can go to Lviv at this beautiful time.
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The most famous Christmas fairs in Europe
Ukraine is famous for its Christmas fairs, which open in big famous cities. And in Europe, similar events are already in full swing in different locations. We suggest you familiarize yourself with the most popular ones.
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7 smallest cities in the world
We offer you to familiarize yourself with the list of locations that are a real paradise for introverts. It's about the smallest cities in the world, in which there are very few people.
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We have a rest: where to go in November and in the winter
You certainly want to go far from the city bustle and severe native frosts. It's not a problem! We offer 4 popular resort places in which you will feel the warmth and bright sun.
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8 world places where dreams come true
Here come from all corners of the earth to fulfill their cherished desires. On the eve of the New Year we decided to tell you about where it is best to dream of a chiming clock.
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