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Bus tickets

How can I see online the bus schedule?

This can be done by looking at the "Schedule" section at the top of the site. After you specify your departure city, date of departure and arrival at the destination, it will be display the current schedules for buses route chosen by you.

In addition, you have the ability to use the main search form. To do this, simply enter the search string:

• the city from which you want to start a movement;

• the city of arrival;

• the date of the alleged departure;

• the number of passengers.

This is followed by press "Schedule and prices." When the request is processed, you will see a table with all the possible flight schedule indicating the cost of tickets. If your chosen date is not flying, then the system will automatically show you the options of flights for the next date.

How do I pay for tickets?

This can be done in such ways:

In any online payment by card. Payment is through acquiring a secure - fast international payment system, which is used by Visa and Master Card.

How will I know the address where my bus leaves?

That you can learn by looking at the results of the search on the site. Another option - to find the address of departure on your ticket.

How can I get a communication with the driver?

This is only possible after you buy the tickets. Each of them specifies the dates of your contact details.

May I know the brand of the bus, which will be a trip?

When you browse the route on a specific date, then you will find next to each "Details" line. It is necessary to click on it to display the information you need and additional services. You are cautioned that contingency flight vehicle can be changed.

Are there rules that must be followed when transporting luggage?

The luggage compartment of the bus is designed for transportation of baggage with weight not exceeding 25 kg (for one place - passenger). And which amounts 60x60x40 sm. As hand luggage you can carry luggage weighing up to 5 kg. If you want to carry luggage with larger dimensions or weight - then it needs to be coordinated with each carrier separately.

Does the bus delay is possible?

The schedule of departure of buses are usually quite strict. But if you are late, you can individually address this issue with the driver, the number of which will be indicated on your ticket.

Where can I post their complaints and suggestions related to the company's performance?

Suggestions and comments you have the possibility to send an e-mail to our support service

Can I change the date of my departure?

No, it is impossible to change the date of departure. If you change your plans - hand over the old ticket and buy a new one.

Is it possible to just show the ticket on my phone, not print it on paper?

No, compulsory condition of a trip is the provision by passenger a printed ticket.

Is it possible to make a transfer via the bus?

There are no such services in our company.

What do I do if the name or last name on my ticket there are typos?

When the ticket is issued, it is permissible to consider 3 errors in your data. If there are more, we recommend that you contact customer support and be sure to tell the number of your ticket.

Can I purchase a ticket at the bus station at my driver?

To buy a ticket is only possible by means of his order on the site.

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