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Main News 2025 and new bank employees

2025 and new bank employees

2025 and new bank employees

The consulting company Opimas reported that in less than 10 years more than 200 thousand employees of the bank can remain unemployed. To replace them will come robots - automated machines with artificial intelligence.

It's no secret that in our time a number of investors are investing money in the development of artificial intelligence. This is due to the rapid development of modern technology and the emergence of advanced developments. It is believed that this sphere is the most popular today: it is predicted by the future and has high hopes for it.

As for the size of the investment, it is not even about thousands and millions. People are ready to invest billions of dollars to achieve incredible results in the field of robotics. Experts believe that such investments will pay off faster than if they were salaries of employees. All this, no doubt, are grandiose and exciting. But the problem nevertheless "looms": what will do the laid-off workers? We hope that the scientists and governments of the countries will make the right decision, which will benefit all the inhabitants of the planet.

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