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Main News 4 seconds - and you're at the zoo

4 seconds - and you're at the zoo

4 seconds - and you're at the zoo

Kiev again became famous for the fact that there was one more opportunity of contactless payment. This time you can get to the zoo in this way. Now everyone can look at animals by paying an entrance ticket for 4 seconds. To do this, you need to lean a contactless payment card to the terminal.

The whole point is that at the entrance to the zoo there is a special yellow turnstile in the type of those that stand in the subway. Pay with this can not only be a payment card, but various gadgets. This is extremely convenient and fast.

The developers of this miracle system took every detail into account: the alarm system will be able to recognize the visitor and compare the received data with the amount of payment. After that, the light signal for the controller will light up immediately - this will mean that the payment was successful.

This innovation will be able to appreciate the people of Kiev in the near future. We hope that such innovations will soon be introduced into many institutions of the country.


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