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Main News About Samsung's future

About Samsung's future

About Samsung's future

Paul Elliott Singer, investor of Samsung, proposed to divide it into 2 parts. One of them will be engaged in the holding, and the second - the operating performance.

A few days ago held a meeting on this issue, on which it became clear that such a division would help in increasing stock prices. In order for everything to be fair and transparent, third-party experts will be invited. They determine the optimal structure of the company.

At the moment, completely unknown intentions of Samsung Electronics, but clearly we can reassure all the fans of the brand: quality of the goods will still be on top.

New: electric car from Nissan
One of these days in Tokyo have spent excellent autoshow. On it, a new electric-drive from the Japanese manufacturer Nissan was presented.
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Depression will no longer be!
Life problems, examinations, family quarrels, turmoil ... Many things can drive a person depressed. How can this be avoided if there is no free time to visit a psychologist?
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Apple came up with a budget iPhone
According to the Japanese resource Mac Otakara, the world famous Apple have worked on creating a phone without a frame, which will go on sale at an affordable price.
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Alexa helps everyone
To date, almost every mobile phone has built-in artificial intelligence in the form of a voice assistant. And a company like Amazon improves its Alexa.
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