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Main News Company Visa and surprising Film Festival visitors

Company Visa and surprising Film Festival visitors

Company Visa and surprising Film Festival visitors

Visa once again brings some joy to fans and users of their services. For example, at the recent Toronto Film Festival was presented a number of new products from the company.

Unique inventions, which could attract the attention of customers, and the truth is very interesting. For example, women were delighted with the virtual fitting room. It was an opportunity to try all sorts of outfits, including apparel and Victorian times.

Everything happened quite simple: a girl came into the dressing room and immediately plunged into the atmosphere of a movie, trying on different images of actresses. With the right hand movement was possible, "snapping" of virtual clothes to the size of the festival attendees.

For the male half of the visitors, in turn, will be able to assess the originality of the new items - the touch screen. It's kind of a billboard with the scoreboard, with which to carry out charitable contributions to TIFF Pocket Fund Foundation. It was possible to bring to the board card or any other payment device - and it's done.

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