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Main News Genetic Engineering Courses: Available and Free

Genetic Engineering Courses: Available and Free

Genetic Engineering Courses: Available and Free

The modern world relentlessly introduces artificial intelligence into everyday work and develops new plans for the settlement of other planets. And French scientists at this time are engaged in simple, but extremely interesting things.

It became known that in the near future it will be possible to pass organized courses on genetic engineering. And it's all completely free. Interestingly, the courses will not tell you about a person's DNA or other complex and incomprehensible things. But you will be told about the process of fermenting beer, fermented milk products and will tell you a lot of interesting facts about the things that surround you.

Of course, scientists are ready to talk about anything, as far as their work. But the emphasis will be on plants and dairy products.

We share with you a link to the resource where you can take these courses - Synthetic Biology One. Good luck in new discoveries!

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