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Main News Let’s charges Gadgets with air: technology from Disney

Let’s charges Gadgets with air: technology from Disney

Let’s charges Gadgets with air: technology from Disney

We all remember the good old company in the cartoons which more than one generation has grown up. It became known amazing news: Disney Research decided to invent the room in which it is possible to charge mobile phones.

A device such room is quite simple: its walls are covered with aluminum, and as an energy source is a copper pillar, which is in the center of the room. Aluminium has unique properties that make the energy capacity of the room can be up to 1900 watts.

With regard to safety for human health and life, here everything is in order. Provided that you do not approach the pole closer than 60 centimeters.

It is known that the present innovation will be "useful" for all current smartphones. This means that it is not necessary to invent special devices which would be recharged only from this source of energy. Let's hope that the new product will appeal to the modern generation of technology and spread to other countries.

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