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Main News Opening a bank account - it is a couple of minutes!

Opening a bank account - it is a couple of minutes!

Opening a bank account - it is a couple of minutes!

It's no secret that in order to open your bank account, you will need to donate your time. And we are accustomed, that it is not already in the minutes, and hours.

After all, you want to go to the nearest branch of the desired bank, to stand in long queues, to watch the long work of a bank employee - this and much more need to "survive" in order to reach the cherished goal. But modern people is not used to languish in waiting. That is why in India, which never ceases to amaze with their innovations in one of the banks - DCB Bank introduced a new feature. And it consists in the fact that anyone can open an account in a matter of minutes with the help of biometric data. Everything happens simply enough: the system uses biometric data to find the necessary information to open an account. This is done quickly and easily, saving time and nerves.

We know that soon more than 200 branches of Indian banks to introduce novelty and will be got special devices for reading the information. This will happen within the next 6 months. And it can not fail to please!

Let's hope that innovation will get the right to exist in Ukraine soon.

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