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Main News Selfies as an alternative to fingerprint: Wallet

Selfies as an alternative to fingerprint: Wallet

Selfies as an alternative to fingerprint: Wallet

On the territory of 12 European countries has become a reality not only authentication using fingerprints, but also through simple mobile clicks. From now on all selfie lovers can take advantage of this new feature, which has introduced a system of Mastercard.

Even if you do not want to remember any passwords, you can arrange shopping and choose one of two ways to determine the biometric data. It will be available if the user will be make his payment through a special application and corresponding confirmation.

Such "news" to one's soul to people who are tired of unnecessary passwords and unnecessary movements. It’s because using a biometrics authentication happens to the least time-consuming.

On the principles of Privatbank will change the Soviets at state-owned banks
It is noted that the basic function of the Supervisory Board is to manage the bank without any political overtones. The focus is on the commercial work of the organization.
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The EU has simplified the process of online shopping  
The European Parliament got rid of the mechanisms of geoblocation and redirection. They used to work during online shopping and put some restrictions on them.
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Crypto currency will be banned in India?
The initiative was announced at the state level. This was done by the country's Prime Minister Arun Jetley. A similar decision was made with the receipt of indicators for transactions related to the crypto currency.
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Change in the procedure for auditing financial statements in Ukraine
The President of Ukraine recently signed a law on the audit of financial statements and audit activities. He is engaged in the creation of the Public Supervisory Authority to audit the financial statements.
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