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Main News Visa-free regime with the EU: the time of change?

Visa-free regime with the EU: the time of change?

Visa-free regime with the EU: the time of change?

What happened is what many Ukrainians have been waiting for for so long: the European Parliament has approved a visa-free regime for Ukraine. The President of Ukraine said that 571 eurodeputies voted to grant our country a visa-free regime. And in order for everything to be decided definitively, the decision should be approved by the EU Council.

In addition, after approval of the decision by the Council, it will be signed by the president of the European Parliament and the representative of the country, which is the chairman in the EU. It's about Malta. After - the decision will be published in the official bulletin of the EU. And 20 days after this, Ukrainians will be able to use their right. According to preliminary data, all paper issues will be resolved on May 22.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine notes that the European Union must complete all procedures within 2 months. And already in the beginning of summer we will be able to travel to Europe without visas.

It became known that Ukrainians will be able to stay in the countries-participants of the Schengen zone for not more than 90 days within 6 months. And you can use these days, breaking them into any parts.

But what is a visa-free regime and how can we use it?

Visa-free travel is free movement in the Schengen area. It consists of 22 EU member states and four states that are not members of the EU - Switzerland, Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein. In addition, Schengen also includes candidate countries Bulgaria, Romania, Cyprus and Croatia. We can travel as tourists, participate in cultural events, for business or to visit relatives and friends. But we do not have the privileges of employment or permanent residence in the territory of these countries.

To cross the border of the European Union, we will need a biometric passport - this is the main condition. But border guards have the right to ask for additional documents. Ukrainians are advised to take a return ticket with them and have at least 45 euros for each day of stay in the EU. Also recommend to have medical insurance, a green card (if you are going to drive your car), an invitation from relatives or friends and confirmation of the reservation from the hotel or hostel.

One thing is pleasing: the possibility of traveling to Europe has appeared, and we can use this opportunity. There would be a desire ... and there will be opportunities!

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