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This is service of transfers from card to card, allowing to send money for the card number, mobile phone number, as well as through an application on Facebook. The service works on the basis of Visa Money Transfer and MasterCard Money Send technology.

Which cards can be used to transfer and receive money through WOOWBANK?

You can use Visa and MasterCard cards issued by any bank in Ukraine. Your card must be open for online calculations. This question you can specify the service desk of the bank that issued your card. Bank contact center number is on the back of the card.

In what currency can I transfer money?

According to Ukrainian law, you can translate only hryvnia.

On which devices can I do the transfer?

You can do the transfer on a personal computer, a laptop - using any Internet browser. For example, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera (all versions used), Internet Explorer (not less than 8 version).

What data do I need to know in order to send money?

For successful transfer you need to know any card number, or mobile phone number of the recipient. Also, you need to specify your card number, expiration date of its action, CVV2 / CVC2 code.

What is the CVV-code?

CVV-code - a three-digit code for authentication of your credit card. He indicated on its reverse side (last three digits), under a magnetic tape.

What is a promo code? Where can I get it?

After making the first transfer, you can send to your friend an SMS with a promotional code that will allow a one-time transfer money without a commission, provided that the payment amount will be less than 2000 USD.

Why do you ask for my phone number?

We need your number to contact you in case of questions for the payments.

What is a transfer by phone number?

This is a transfer with a special link that will be sent in an SMS to the recipient of transfer. He will be able to go on it, enter the code from the SMS and to get the money on the card, which will show itself. Transfer by phone number is especially useful when you do not know the recipient's card number.

How can I transfer money by mobile phone number?

To do this:

  • Click on the button with the image of a mobile phone.
  • Instead, the recipient's number card, you need to enter only the phone number.
  • After confirming the payment, the recipient phone will come SMS-notification with the transfer code.
  • This code must be entered in the field on the tab "Getting the money."
  • The system verifies the code and on the next screen offers the recipient to enter the card number to which money and will be credited.
How can I receive money sent by mobile phone number?

To do this, go to the website to the tab "Get Money" and enter the code in the appropriate field, which come to you in an SMS message. Please note that the transfer code is valid for 7 days from the moment of creation. At the expiration of this period, the money will be returned to the sender's card.

What is 3-D Secure?

3-D Secure – technology of authentication online payment. If your card supports 3-D Secure, during the transfer of money, you will see an additional window, which will need to confirm the use of the card. You only need to enter the confirmation code sent to you by your bank in the form of SMS messages.

What if the code does not come to the adventures of 3-D Secure verification?

Possible reasons:

  • The bank card is secured for another mobile phone number. Ask in the contact center of your bank, how is it possible to change the phone. Bank contact center number is on the back of your card.
  • Mobile phone memory SMS messages is full. Try to delete some SMS messages.
  • The delay on the side of the mobile operator. Try switching off, then turn the phone on, the settings are updated. Then repeat the translation.
  • The delay in the side of the bank, which is served by the card. Try to repeat the transfer after a while.

It’s very important! Bank employees can not to tell you a code / password for playing 3-D Secure verification. This information is not available to them. Do not share this password.

What should I do if I indicate the wrong phone number or card number?

To do this, we recommend urgently to contact our support team by phone +380 (44) 392-77-73

How quickly will the money reach the recipient?

The money will be credited immediately after the transfer is complete. In the case of money by SMS-code - the code immediately after use.

Can I get a receipt for the transfer?

Yes, you can. Immediately after the successful transfer our service will ask you to keep the receipt for your device.

I was not able to transfer money from the card PrivatBank. What to do?

On 07.24.2015 PrivatBank set limits on transfers between cards on external sites. Therefore, transfers from PrivatBank cards may not be successful. To address this issue, please contact our support team by number of Privatbank 3700.

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