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Main Railway tickets

Railway tickets

How can I buy a train ticket?

To do this, you must enter the date of travel, the direction and press the "Search" button. Then you need to choose the most convenient option for you trips, travel conditions and the places where you want to stay. Further there is a payment online ticket or ticket reservations with option to purchase at the ticket office.

How can I book a train ticket?

To do this, choose the date of travel, the direction and place on a train. Next - Select the "Booking Now" item. Please note that you must pay the cost of the reserve for 25 minutes. After that, your request is assigned a unique code, which you present at the railway ticket office.

Is it possible to extend the life of the reserve?

Unfortunately this is not possible. These dates are set "Ukrzaliznytsia".

How can I check the free space, and transport?

On our website you can implement it in the online mode. Make a search and system will generate all the possible options for your trip. It remains to choose the right train - and you will see all the empty seats at the moment.

Where can I get a receipt of my order?

You can do this by contacting Customer Support on our website. We will help you and will send the necessary documents to the post office.

How can I get my ticket on hands?

There are 3 options getting a ticket:

  • e-ticket - you only need to print the ticket and show it to the conductor when boarding;
  • ticket with the Print - you need to print the form with the order and present it to the cashier at the station. He will give you a printed ticket;
  • reserve. Here you need to go to the cashier station, pay the cost of the reserve and get your ticket from the cashier.
How can I return the purchased ticket?

To do this online:

  • e-ticket and a ticket to the deferred printing. Log in "My ticket". Selecting "Return ticket". Next, click "Calculate the amount to return" and confirm all your actions. For electronic ticket have the opportunity to cancel the sample for each passenger, for a ticket with the Print Order is canceled in its entirety.

At the register:

  • Present in hand your personal documents (passport, driving license, etc.). The cashier will return your money after deducting the penalty for a refund, which is calculated "Ukrzaliznytsia".
In what time can I return ticket purchased online?

Recommendation - not less than one day before the departure of transport. In this case, return the entire amount for the ticket. Refunds may take 5 to 90 business days.

In my personal data (first or last name) there is an error. How to be?

According to the rules, your data no more than three errors, which thus do not affect the overall sound.

Is it possible to make changes in order?

Unfortunately no, is not. If you want to make any changes, then return online tickets and make a new order.

If I want to travel with a child, there are discounts?

Remember the most important rules:

  • Children under 6 years of age can travel with their parents for free, provided they do not occupy a seat;
  • If you have more than two children under 6 years – only one of them can travel free;
  • If the child is between 6 and 14 years old - he goes on travel document at a discount of 25%;
  • Be sure to bring documents that indicate the age of your child;
  • If you are travelling abroad, the state, the discount is only available for children aged 5 to 10 years.
Can I travel with my animals?

To do this, arrange to transport baggage check additional baggage. This can be done on our website or purchase at the box office queue. If the animal's weight - not more than 20 kg, then you pay 20 kg of luggage. If the weight is more - you pay for the actual number. In addition, it is necessary to issue a veterinary certificate form number 1 for the trafficking of animals.

What documents should I take with me?
  • To exchange or redemption of the electronic ticket - a document that certifies the person is not need;
  • When you board the train - you need to submit the original document (passport, license or other);
  • If you travel with kids - bring the original document, which listed their ages.
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